Quality American Engineering & Manufacturing Services

The company was created to provide innovative ways to support operators throughout North America

Velox Manufacturing Services is a dynamic oil & gas equipment engineering and manufacturing company that was created to provide innovative ways to support service companies and equipment suppliers throughout North America with quality wellhead, frac, and downhole equipment. Based in Houston, Texas, our vision is to offer the industry’s most trusted on-demand manufacturing alternative so customers can focus on production, not shipping delays or logistics headaches.


  • The oilfield equipment market traditionally has consisted of companies that manufacture their own equipment.
  • Since the oil market downturn in 2015, pressures from E&P operators to lower equipment costs caused manufacturers to move their manufacturing operations overseas to China and India.

The Problem

Without a local manufacturing option, these companies are now dealing with:

  •  Lead times increasing beyond their ability to forecast
  •  Having to limit custom products offered to be able to order in bulk from overseas
  •  Expediting fees and overstocking eroding profit margins

The Velox Solution

Bring equipment manufacturing back to the U.S. to shorten lead times while keeping prices competitive with overseas suppliers.