Manufacturing Services

On-Demand Manufacturing in the U.S.

Velox Manufacturing Services replaces overseas manufacturers for oilfield equipment products with responsive, flexible, and reliable upstream manufacturing solutions in the U.S. – all at competitive prices, based on your designs and specifications. Let our facility manufacture the components for your next wellhead, Christmas tree, pump or valve – virtually anything you need to keep operations flowing.

How Does It Work?

Velox works with equipment suppliers, distributors and operators as their U.S.-based on-demand manufacturing partner. Our experienced teams will work directly with your designs to manufacture products – without the added shipping time, bulk order minimums, or costly design modifications that can put a wrench in production schedules. We source all raw materials on your behalf and can typically deliver finished products within weeks – not months.

Plus, with local manufacturing, you will have peace-of-mind that your products will ship quicker than overseas options and Velox will communicate directly with you to ensure the whole process runs smoothly – without last-minute surprises or delays.

Velox eliminates the need for customers to carry expensive and unnecessary inventories. Our flexible business model ensures that your complete product portfolio is available on-demand to keep your projects moving. In addition, working with an American manufacturing partner also removes any potential challenges or delays due to today’s ever-changing political environment.

flange.jpgManufacturing Capabilities

  • Machining of API 6A products and custom designed equipment
  • CNC machines capable of handling up to 27" diameter
  • Final assembly and Factory acceptance testing (FAT) (coming soon)
  • API 6A monogramming (coming soon)